About Me

Hi, I’m Enna.

I’ve spent most of my life in analytical and techie pursuits, balanced only by a habit of hoarding stationary and office products.

In my retirement, that habit has evolved into a love of art & craft supplies, which I still tend to collect more than use.

You’re welcome to join me as I attempt to tickle my creative fancy.


Some Fun Facts:

I’m a chronic mover: By the time I was in in 6th grade, I had attended 9 different schools. As an adult, I’ve lived in 39 different residences. Needless to say, we have not moved since I started my hoarding of craft supplies.

I was an avid traveler. Between mandated work travel and personal travel, my husband and I have been known to scare flight attendants with our exhausted snoring. Nowadays, I’m mostly retired and mostly only travel for good food.

June 15th is a holiday in our home. It is the day on which my husband is required to deliver to me a new tiara. Yes, EVERY year!!! I can forgive the forgetting of birthdays and anniversaries. Forgetting Tiara Day is unacceptable!

I’m paranormal/dark comedy junkie. The quirkier the show, the better. It’s not unusual for me to watch all prior seasons of a show before new episodes air for the new season.